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Inject N Clean

Pet odor removal - Finally, a solution that works! You can now clean on top and UNDER your carpet!

Inject N Clean is a brand new, innovative way to delivery odor neutralizer beneath your carpet to remove any lingering odor! Inject N Clean is the world's best carpet injection delivery system. Never before has pet odor elimination been so simple, fast and effective. When a cat or a dog urinates on the carpet, 20% of the urine stays on top of the carpet, while the remaining seeps through the carpet into the pad. Up until now, the only way to eliminate pet odor is to spray odor neutralizer on top of the carpet. Your favorite odor neutralizer can now be delivered under the surface of the carpet eliminating the pet odor on the backing of the carpet and pad. Inject N Clean is made of stainless steel with a sharp tip used to penetrate the carpet more easily. The holes on the base of the Inject N Clean act like a sprinkler system, delivering your favorite odor neutralizer beneath the carpet up to a 12” radius. Using Inject N Clean will help eliminate 80% more of the odor, because it goes where the pee goes.
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"It Goes Where The Pee Goes!"